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It Elicits Truthful Stakeholder Preferences

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A computational survey tool that elicits more truthful preferences from stakeholders

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Simple to use, interactive computational systems designed for Qudratic Voting. Designed by researchers, designed for researchers.

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Our research supports Qudratic Voting using two typical survey scenarios, experiment shows strong statistical support across both scenarios.

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QV encourages respondents to deliberate over trade-offs amongst choices, makeing it elicit more accurate responses than Likert surveys

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A new code-less platform coming soon

We are working on a QV platform to make QV-based surveys widely accessible, so that non-computer scientists can easily use this computational survey tool.

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Operationalizes Ranking and Rating from stakeholders

Qudratic Voting help you understand how stakeholders prioritize a set of options and how much more they prefer one to another simultaneously.

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Research on Quadratic Voting

Our research is published at CSCW 2021. Watch the summary of the paper. Our research data is open to the public provided by the Illinois Data Bank. The associated computation notebook for data analysis are also openly avaliable. Read the full paper here!